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Welcome from Belfair Windermere.

For those interested in the Olympic Peninsula’s South Sound real estate market, this is our new web site.

We know how confusing many real estate search engines can be. We Realtors use Internet search tools every day and offer to do a proper search for Olympic Peninsula property for you. Our searches are saved like those here at BelfairWindermere.com and are available at the click of your mouse any time you want to see whats available. PLUS, our search can email you within minutes when anything new comes onto the market.

This is just our way for you to get to know us. Our personalized searches are free and because they was done by Windermere, you can be sure it is done right. Just email us at mostyn@windermere.com with the kind of home, vacant land or commercial property you are interested in. We will email you back a link for you to click on to see what the Northwest Multiple Listings Service has for you. Obviously, the information the MLS sends is dependent upon the data supplied to the MLS. I mean, we will send you what they’ve got knowing not all Realtors are Windermere Realtors. Then, if you want to go see the property for yourself, we can help you there too.

So, thanks for the visit and if we can help, let us know. We will be here in Belfair at the bottom of Romance Hill Road where it meets Highway 3.

Mike Mostyn – Windermere Peninsula Properties
Belfair, Washington 98528

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  1. Mike Mostyn says:

    Hi and welcome from Belfair Windermere.

    I’m Mike Mostyn, a veteran #BelfairWindermere listing broker & waterfront specialist. I’ve lived on Puget Sound beaches for decades, served on my county’s Shoreline Act Advisory Board and have published a waterfront real estate newsletter since 2010. I have also researched the South Sound saltwater real estate markets, the results of which is the website in front of you.

    On the Olympic Peninsula, there are 16 distinctly different South Sound beaches, all within 30 miles as the crow flies from Seattle. They are all guarded from weather by the same Olympic Mountain range, all protected in the Puget Sound away from Tsunami danger and all ideal for smooth water sports, fishing and seafood. So what are the differences in their market?

    Each beach has its own market properties, all competing for buyers. The average saltwater home sold in 2021 on Bainbridge Island was $2.3M while in Olympia, it was $1.2M and on Hood Canal near Belfair it was $861,000. That’s a difference of $1,439,000.

    This website is in answer to the most common questions I am asked about South Sound saltwater real estate. With accurate NWMLS data and an incite into my business, it is my hope you can research how best to manage your assets and leverage your interests.

    Mike Mostyn – Windermere Peninsula Properties
    Belfair, Washington 98528

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